Wednesday, July 21, 2010

From Alyona! About 2010 Camp!

Dear Friends and Supporters!!!

We are ready to share with you the Arcobaleno (our Roman Empire camp) story.....along with the photos and later with a flip video...

The camp began on July 5th. It was on our sister church territory close to the Black Sea...nice location as the kids had the opportunity to spend three hours at the beach where there was nobody but our children and team. There were 107 children and 45 staff including the cooks. It required 14 tents where we were able to place children, staff, and medical room. Also there was a Coliseum where the shows were held and the evening devotionals. There was a built market where the kids could "sell" the items they have made with hands. As you look at the photos you will notice that the staff was wearing the costumes that were made by our good friend and volunteer. The kids had to amke their own costumes as well when they arrived to the camp. The camp had an idea of First Christians and the action was taken from the book of Acts. The kids had different things to do such as fishing, carpetning, working with clay and etc.
Everything was on a schedule untill the 5th day came when we faced a huge hurricane....that destroyed EVERYTHING....we had to evacuate the kids withing 4 hours out to 16 different villages. The children were in panic as they saw almost all the tents being on the ground, trampoline flying away, all the wood parts that Coliseum and a market were built out of. We tried to save as much as possible while 107 kids kept crying out of scare in a small church room. It all finished in 15 minutes and when we looked around it was obvious that it is the end of our camp that we have been working for the whole year....But we were happy and thankful to the Lord that NONE of the children or adults got hurt. More than, a day before two teenagers wanted to confess their sins and follow Jesus in their lives. It was very meaningful to us as we all understand that we can face the Lord anytime and the most important thing would be "what choice we ahve made in our life?"

Thank you Dear Friends for staying with us and supporting our camp. We believe we will do it again next year....God willing...

Have a wonderful and blessed day,
Slavik and Alyona