Sunday, October 28, 2012

Alyona and Slavik's Information

For Those Traveling to Odessa!!!!
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  65069, Odessa, Marselskaya Str. .31, apt.91 Odessa tel. 38(048) 794-63-19

Alyona Monzhay     

                                                                                                                                           “HERITAGE”                                                                        CHARITY  FOUNDATION

Dear Supporters and Prayer partners!
 After the summer camps were over the follow up started!
On September the 1st we were invited by city officials to do a celebration for the special need kids at Odessa orphanage. It was a beautiful celebration with clowns, songs, sport games and lots of fun and love!
After the camp ion August we found out that many children from Andreevo-Ivanovka orphanage were sent to a sanatorium in Odessa. The team was excited to be able to visit the kids in Odessa every week for a month. They would gather up to 40 children each they came. We sang with the kids, played sport and talked a lot. It is so encouraging to see how much the kids treasure our friendship.

We did another celebration at their orphanage at the end of September again. 
Special need girls were happy to see us twice last month. We love to dance with them, do crafts, tell Bible stories and just to make them smile. The Lost boys orphanage let us come this month too! IT was a great opportunity to fellowship with them. We were bale to play a lot, sing songs WITH them (they know quite a few now and do the motions with us :)), do different crafts and share God's love. They DO know that they are handsome and loved by God and us (we remind them each time we have an opportunity:)

Two weeks ago we did a Flash mob dedicating to the orphans of Ukraine. There were more than 80 volunteers from different churches doing a Chicken dance in different parts of downtown of Odessa. It was so much fun! The idea was to invite people to participate in a Day of prayer for orphans in Ukraine which will take its place on October 20th in the main square of Odessa. Please please please remember us on October 20th! It is a very important day for us as organizers as well as for children from many orphanages around the city and Odessa region that we help to come. They will sing, dance and recite poems. The local government takes a part in this as well! Praise the Lord, they see a need in helping the orphans!

Also, there are 16 orphans that we are taking camping to Crimea mountains at the end of October. We need support on that as well as your prayers!
It is such an honor to be hands and feet to share God's love with needy! You are a great part of that and we appreciate you lots! 

If you are interested in helping our projects, please send financial contributions to Harvest International with a note for Slavik and AlyonaPuzanov ministry in Odessa, Ukraine.
We are so thankful and grateful for you partnership in this ministry. We are seeing God move in many ways as He provides the way for us to work with children and special need people. It is such a privilege to be His servant!
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Alyona Monzhay