Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Dear Friends!
Please find the great news and plans for the Restoration center!!
 It has been a dream since our Charity Foundation was started....

Every day is a gift and we want to use it to help the needy and praise God !!!!

Slavik and Alyona

From the Nasledie (Heritage) Foundation and OM Odessa ministry team in the Port city of
Odessa, Ukraine

Dearest friends and family in Christ,

Christmas celebrations have ended and the work of the New Year is well under way. During
the last year, God blessed us with many friends who supported the work done here in Odessa
through many hours of prayer, moral, and financial support. For all He has done and for every
way in which you have supported our work, we are thankful.

We are writing this letter to you at this time to tell you about how God is expanding the work
here in Odessa. Nasledie prepared documents to apply for an empty building where we can
open a community center. The governmental body we applied to is positive about the work we
plan to do, and we expect to officially, receive the building during the middle of February 2013.
We intend to open the center in the middle of March.


What do we plan to do at this community center?
The dream is to have an array of projects. First, of which is to open an afterschool center
for children from needy families. According to the Department of Social Services, there are
240 children registered in this neighborhood as ‘at risk’. Many social problems threaten
families and especially children in this area including poverty, family violence and molestation,
HIV/Aids, drug and alcohol abuse, and an array of criminal elements. There is no church in
this neighborhood and our young church plant is also looking for a meeting place in this
We are hoping to accept 30 children in this first year of the center as Social Services assigns
them to us. The children will be given lunch of tea and sandwiches. Children’s workers will help
with homework and volunteers will help with English lessons, sport and games, and arts and
crafts, as well as teach Bible lessons. After needs assessments, we also want to bless these
children by responding to their physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs.

Apart from the after school center, we are planning other projects including:
-          Outreach to families - offer counseling and humanitarian aid
-          A club for pensioners and a fod program for the aged in the neighborhood
-          A youth club (including programs to prevent HIV/Aids)
-          A “Moms and Tots” group for young mothers.

God is truly the dream giver and this is a big dream to see this neighborhood transformed and
give these children hope for the future. Thus, we are appealing to you to prayerfully consider
partnering with us in making this community center an overwhelming success to the Glory of
our Lord.

What would such a partnership entail?

-          Please choose a project which you would like to support (After school center, Mom’s
and tots outreach to young mothers, Family outreach and counseling, outreach to the
aged, or youth club)
-          We would ask you to make this project and its needs known in your church, home group,
Sunday school class, or youth group.
-          That you will regularly pray for the project

-          That you will help support the project through creative fund raising and financial
(One time donation or monthly support - any amount will be a blessing)
-          That you even consider supporting us by organizing an outreach team to come and visit
-          We on our part will keep you informed by sending reports, photos, prayer requests, and
letting you know about the miracles the Lord works in Luzanovka.
As we are planning to open the center soon, we put together a ‘dream list’ of what we would
need to run the center. Please look through this list prayerfully and let us know if you would be
interested in supporting us by praying for and sponsoring towards one or more of these needs.

Yours in Christ,

Slavik, Aliona, Stefan and Hensie,
For Nasledie (Heritage) Foundation and OM ministry team Odessa

Our dream list: A page of needs for after school/community center in Luzanovka
•         A medical doctor or nurse who could visit the center once a week
•         A developmental specialist who could lead group lessons for young mothers
•         Two or three Children’s workers/ teachers who could help children with homework and
lead Bible lessons
•         Christian family counselor, social worker, or psychologist
•         English teacher (once or twice a week)
•         Arts and crafts teacher (once or twice a week)
•         A cook to make lunch and prepare food for special events
•         An accountant
•         A chain of prayer partners
•         Sponsorship for repairs to the inside of the building, including putting in new toilets
•         Sponsorship for paying monthly water, gas, and electricity bills ($125 per month)
•         Food parcel sponsorship for elderly ($25 per month per person)
•         Lunch sponsorship for after school center ($27 per day)
•         Sponsorships for permanent Children’s workers ($250 per person per month)
•         Sponsorship for permanent cook ($350 per month)
•         Sponsorships for monthly supplies listed below ($250 per month)
•         Humanitarian aid – clothes for all ages, shoes, underwear, and socks
•         Locks
•         A safe for personal items of personnel
•         A washing machine to wash humanitarian aid clothes donations
•         A gas stove,
•         An electric kettle
•         A fridge and a freezer
•         Paint
•         Curtains

•         Floorboards for one office
•         2 Toilets
•         2 sinks
•         6 medium sized garbage cans
•         6 Hand towels
•         6 Kitchen towels
•         Cutlery and crockery
•         Furniture (tables, desks, chairs, coach, and rugs/carpet)
•         3 Chess sets
•         A table tennis table, rackets, and balls
•         Russian or Ukrainian Children’s bibles
•         Children’s books (English, Russian, Ukrainian, and German)
•         Monthly supplies ($250 per month)
o   Stationary, art and crafts supplies
o   Toiletries (antibacterial liquid hand soap etc.)
o   Laundry detergent, fabric softener, dish washing liquid, stove/oven cleaner, window
cleaner, toilet cleaner, and etc.
o   Paper towels, toilet paper, and garbage bags

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Alyona and Slavik's Information

For Those Traveling to Odessa!!!!
always at your fingertips:

  65069, Odessa, Marselskaya Str. .31, apt.91 Odessa tel. 38(048) 794-63-19

Alyona Monzhay

                                                                                                                                           “HERITAGE”                                                                        CHARITY  FOUNDATION

Dear Supporters and Prayer partners!
 After the summer camps were over the follow up started!
On September the 1st we were invited by city officials to do a celebration for the special need kids at Odessa orphanage. It was a beautiful celebration with clowns, songs, sport games and lots of fun and love!
After the camp ion August we found out that many children from Andreevo-Ivanovka orphanage were sent to a sanatorium in Odessa. The team was excited to be able to visit the kids in Odessa every week for a month. They would gather up to 40 children each they came. We sang with the kids, played sport and talked a lot. It is so encouraging to see how much the kids treasure our friendship.

We did another celebration at their orphanage at the end of September again. 
Special need girls were happy to see us twice last month. We love to dance with them, do crafts, tell Bible stories and just to make them smile. The Lost boys orphanage let us come this month too! IT was a great opportunity to fellowship with them. We were bale to play a lot, sing songs WITH them (they know quite a few now and do the motions with us :)), do different crafts and share God's love. They DO know that they are handsome and loved by God and us (we remind them each time we have an opportunity:)

Two weeks ago we did a Flash mob dedicating to the orphans of Ukraine. There were more than 80 volunteers from different churches doing a Chicken dance in different parts of downtown of Odessa. It was so much fun! The idea was to invite people to participate in a Day of prayer for orphans in Ukraine which will take its place on October 20th in the main square of Odessa. Please please please remember us on October 20th! It is a very important day for us as organizers as well as for children from many orphanages around the city and Odessa region that we help to come. They will sing, dance and recite poems. The local government takes a part in this as well! Praise the Lord, they see a need in helping the orphans!

Also, there are 16 orphans that we are taking camping to Crimea mountains at the end of October. We need support on that as well as your prayers!
It is such an honor to be hands and feet to share God's love with needy! You are a great part of that and we appreciate you lots! 

If you are interested in helping our projects, please send financial contributions to Harvest International  www.harvestinternational.org with a note for Slavik and AlyonaPuzanov ministry in Odessa, Ukraine.
We are so thankful and grateful for you partnership in this ministry. We are seeing God move in many ways as He provides the way for us to work with children and special need people. It is such a privilege to be His servant!
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Alyona Monzhay

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Robinhood Camp! Please, please, please help!

Dear Friends!
We would like to share with you that this August  we are going to have a camp  for the children of Odessa and Odessa region.  The theme will be Robin Hood.  The children will be coming from mostly non-Christian home.    We also hope to invite many children from villages.  These children come from families who are not able to pay for the camp and we would like to ask you to help. Besides them we are inviting at least 20 boys from Fontanka detention school for boys. Those are mostly orphans. Total number of children that we are expecting is 150. Almost half of them won't be able to pay for their ticket.
The camp will be held from Aug  11 – 20 in the beautiful forest where the children will be staying in tents.  The price for the camp (including transportation, food, crafts, and all activities) is $60 for one child, just $6 a day.
We are really looking forward to ministering to children through the camp and pray that these 10 days will have a big impact on the children.  Please consider how you can help.
Donations can be sent to:
Harvest International, Inc  a non-profit Christian organization that is located in Ocala, FL
www.harvestinternational.org   (please give a notice for Robin Hood camp in Odessa, Slavik and Alyona)
God bless you!
Slavik and Alyona

Saturday, January 29, 2011

25 cents times 25,000

For instance, we know that when these bodies of ours are taken down like tents and folded away, they will be replaced by resurrection bodies in heaven—God-made, not handmade—and we'll never have to relocate our "tents" again.  2 Cor. 5:1

Yesterday, I received a glossy full-color brochure/advertisement letting the Texas-community about the up-coming church camp season at the nearby "rustic cedar and native stone" retreat center. What hit me  first and foremost was the amount of money given to this center as "donations" in the past year.  Try nearly $300,000.00!

Let me give you a bit of run-down on this place, not that it's any fancier or nicer than any other church camp in Texas, but, never-the-less, let me jog your memory.  If you haven't been to this camp, you've surely been to one much like it.

The retreat center  includes facilities for 783 persons. Sleeping facilities include nine dorm-style cabins, two semi-private cabins; an Outpost Camp with a log barracks, log meeting rooms, and 4 covered wagons & 1 teepee with 12 bunks each. Riverbend also has three motel-type facilities. Other facilities include a chapel, dining hall, a recreation building, swimming pool, 3-acre pond, amphitheatre, and various other recreational facilities. An on-site staff is here to serve you 24 hours a day.

Now, let me tell you about another camp.  This camp doesn't have a swimming pool, dormitories, bathrooms, a kitchen or any other facility that the most basic of American church camp has.  What it does have, however, is a team of servants who sacrifice themselves in order that children have a chance to go to camp, despite their life circumstances, and hear about Jesus, many for the very first time. The camp sits on a bare piece of property on the edge of town.  They used to own a trampoline and 12 tents (and yes, that's all) but now, they don't even have that.  Here's what Alyona has to say about their camp last summer:

The camp began on July 5th. It was on our sister church territory close to the Black Sea...nice location as the kids had the opportunity to spend three hours at the beach where there was nobody but our children and team. There were 107 children and 45 staff including the cooks. It required 14 tents where we were able to place children, staff, and medical room. Also there was a Coliseum where the shows were held and the evening devotionals. There was a built market where the kids could "sell" the items they have made with hands. As you look at the photos you will notice that the staff was wearing the costumes that were made by our good friend and volunteer. The kids had to amke their own costumes as well when they arrived to the camp. The camp had an idea of First Christians and the action was taken from the book of Acts. The kids had different things to do such as fishing, carpetning, working with clay and etc.
Everything was on a schedule untill the 5th day came when we faced a huge hurricane....that destroyed EVERYTHING....we had to evacuate the kids withing 4 hours out to 16 different villages. The children were in panic as they saw almost all the tents being on the ground, trampoline flying away, all the wood parts that Coliseum and a market were built out of. We tried to save as much as possible while 107 kids kept crying out of scare in a small church room. It all finished in 15 minutes and when we looked around it was obvious that it is the end of our camp that we have been working for the whole year....But we were happy and thankful to the Lord that NONE of the children or adults got hurt. More than, a day before two teenagers wanted to confess their sins and follow Jesus in their lives. It was very meaningful to us as we all understand that we can face the Lord anytime and the most important thing would be "what choice we ahve made in our life?"

Sadly, I have to share with you just how hard it was for them to ever get the tents in the first place.  Alyona and Slavik asked every American church and Christian that they knew for help.  They got none. They were finally able to find one Odessa business man who reluctantly donated the money.  He does not know the Lord.

Recently, when I was in Odessa and went to church with Alyona and Slavik, I once more sat in a church service and felt nothing but shame.  Once again, I watched a rag-tag choir of 18 members open their mouths and sing, perfectly and beautifully, complicated choir specials---4 of them in one service.  I thought of the large churches in America who have music budgets the size of an Ukrainian city's budget  yet cannot compete with the sacrificial beauty of an Ukrainian choir.  We've placed our trust in church 'bells and whistles,' and  in retreat centers with motels and swimming pools, yet our own children are turning their backs on God and the rest of the world is going hungry.  Our kids get sent to camps every year where they get an emotional high while enjoying the finest luxuries life has to offer. Odessa kids, who get to go to camp, make Bible costumes, act out Bible stories, swim in the Black Sea, and sleep in tents.

It's time for a change.  We can start with the tents. Oh, whoever you are out there, would you please take this word to heart?  Would you go to your churches and families and friends and tell them about the desperate needs of the world?  Would you tell them about the camp in Odessa, would you tell them about the desperate orphanage in Ananiev, would you tell them about the boys in jail?  Would you?  

In this one retreat center alone, they have over 25,000 people come there every year (75% of them REPEATS!)  What if each person who attended that ONE retreat center for ONE year gave ONE quarter each for the camp in Odessa?  That would be more than enough to replace the tents.

That's all that they ask for----new tents.

I want to challenge you Christians out there.  We seem to think that we can get closer to God by going to camp; but, camp has nothing to do with it.  If anything, it's nothing but an emotional, peer-driven false-sense-of-the-Holy Spirit.  Here's what this camp says of itself and spirituality:

Blending great facilities, good food, a beautiful outdoor setting, and excellent service, we want to make your next camp or retreat the best ever.  Whether it be senior adults, women, couples, singles, college, youth,school, children or any group you are a part of...come have fun, find a place of solitude, fellowship with one another and most of all ...Experience God!

But, I have another idea for experiencing God.  Let's forget about ourselves and our comfort and serve the way Jesus did, to the lost, broken, downtrodden, widowed, orphaned, sin-laden and poor.  Let's start with the tents.

Got a quarter, anyone?


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Lost Boys

We've been home almost a week. Neah slept very little the first several days, and for seven days straight she ate nothing but bananas. But, yesterday, she did something really marvelous. I ran to the grocery store for a few minutes, but when I came home there was a princess waiting for me by the front door. Donning a crown, pink tutu, high heels and plastic jewels, she was bouncing with joy and delight as I came back home.

My princess has found her castle.

However, though my life is currently full of pink tulle, today I was reminded about the Forgotten Boys (see post from December 2.) I received word from my friend, Alyona, that she and her family, and their ministry team made it to see these boys for the very first time. Here is what she said:

Today we have visited Ananiev orphanage for the special need boys. It took us 3 hour drive since it snowed a lot today and the road was very slippery. Thank you very much for your alls prayers, it encouraged us a lot.

There are 110 boys int he orphanage. Most of them are diagnosed with Down Syndrome, polio, cerebral palsy or other 4 th level (stage) of sever special needs. Their age rate s 3 to 35 years old. Today we brought them 2 big boxes of tangerines, 2 big boxes of bananas, 4 big cases of soda (the director told us that the boys LOVE sweet water - soda), 2 boxes of cookies, 3 boxes of different sweets all of this donated by Joe and Janelle Fuentes of Fort Worth, Texas, underwear and 6 000 medical syringe which were donated by some Ukrainians and wonderful Christmas gifts for the boys that were given by Brooke and John Newsome.. We do hope that we will build up our relationship with Ananiev orphanage and with your all prayers and support will help the boys not just survive but enjoy the present life some...if we can call their existence in that orphanage life at all....They need a lot of support and help and most of all love and care.

OH, these kids, these kids, these kids!!! They tear my heart out---ALL of them! We don't have such circumstances in America; trust me, we don't. But, the rest of the world does and I honestly believe that we MUST respond to the needs that we are told about. I'm telling you about these boys in Ananiev , Ukraine. They need you.

You see, my little girl was recently taken out of a pretty bad situation, and is now living like a queen, but millions more are still out there, and they will never find their castle.

Please help.

The best way to help orphans in Ananiev, or in Odessa Ukraine, is to help Alyona and Slavik Puzanov. I can't see myself taking my day off and spending six hours driving in snow to see lost and lonely boys. But, Alyona and Slavik did that very thing. Alyona and Slavik visit the boys' prison and buy them soap. Alyona and Slavik have camps for lost kids and adults. Alyona and Slavik do all kinds of things that you nor I would ever think to do.

But, we can help Alyona and Slavik do these things. First of all, I need someone who will help Alyona with a better way to accept donations. Can anyone help her with a PayPal button? I can send you her email and phone and you could help her get it set up. I'm no good at such things! My email is: manymusic@gmail.com

There is also probably a way to give and get a tax receipt; that would have to be through Harvest International. Who can help out with this? It will just take learning the information and sharing it, I believe. Alyona and Slavik work with Harvest International and I believe that it is possible to give money directly to Alyona and Slavik through giving a designated offering to HI.

I see that you are asking me about sending packages to them. To tell you the truth, I have sent only somewhat small packages to Ukraine. I have sent gifts, even a little valuable, and have never had anything taken. If you send a package to an Ukrainian's home address, and do NOT specify anything other than it being a gift of clothes, there should not be any problem. I do not know, yet, what the best way to send the clothes is, yet. I'm about to find out, however, because I have already started filling a box. There's just no need for boys to sit in prison without clothes when I am constantly filling Goodwill bags with clothes that aren't being worn!

For those of you who didn't get Alyona's address to send clothes for boys (any size from 3 up, by the way, they can go to the prison boys or to Ananiev boys):

Alyona Monzhay
Puzanova Olena
Lesi Ukrainki 64 a
Odessa 65086

The title of this blog is just copied and pasted from an email from another American who has been to this orphanage. She has been praying and praying for a way to find help for these boys. By a miracle, she found my blog, and noticed that when I wrote about The Forgotten Ones, that I was actually writing about HER LOST BOYS!!! Today, after hearing of the trip made by Alyona and Slavik she wrote me. These lines were in her letter. I don't know how it could be better said about God.

He cares. He cares about the boys.

Now, it's our turn to care, too.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Needed: Used, Dark, Clothes! ASAP!

That's not exactly true, I don't need new clothes, I need used clothes (new ones will get stolen.) And, I don't exactly need my size, I need any size that might fit a 14 to 18 year old boy. And I'm picky, I only want dark colors because these clothes won't get washed very often. Oh, and I guess I should tell you, I don't need the clothes at all, but there are 50 somebodies who do.

They are in Odessa, all 50 of them locked away in a boys' prison. They have no heat, almost no clothes, not much food, no coats. Slavik has just recently purchased them soap. Finally, they got soap! They have nothing. They need soap, toothbrushes, deodorant, sweaters, shirts, coats, black socks, jeans, undershirts, etc

I know of enough extra clothes in my house to fill a couple of boxes. I'll be mailing them over. So, to church groups, Bible study groups, Awana groups, or you at home, how about it? Can we fill this need?

Let's do it!!!

Send package as a personal package to; (Do not at any time say this it is humanitarian. You'll have to say it is a gift of clothes to Alyona)

Alyona Monzhay
Puzanova Olena
Lesi Ukrainki 64 a
Odessa 65086

Want to make her smile? Throw in a note and a Snickers bar!