Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Dear Friends!
Please find the great news and plans for the Restoration center!!
 It has been a dream since our Charity Foundation was started....

Every day is a gift and we want to use it to help the needy and praise God !!!!

Slavik and Alyona

From the Nasledie (Heritage) Foundation and OM Odessa ministry team in the Port city of
Odessa, Ukraine

Dearest friends and family in Christ,

Christmas celebrations have ended and the work of the New Year is well under way. During
the last year, God blessed us with many friends who supported the work done here in Odessa
through many hours of prayer, moral, and financial support. For all He has done and for every
way in which you have supported our work, we are thankful.

We are writing this letter to you at this time to tell you about how God is expanding the work
here in Odessa. Nasledie prepared documents to apply for an empty building where we can
open a community center. The governmental body we applied to is positive about the work we
plan to do, and we expect to officially, receive the building during the middle of February 2013.
We intend to open the center in the middle of March.


What do we plan to do at this community center?
The dream is to have an array of projects. First, of which is to open an afterschool center
for children from needy families. According to the Department of Social Services, there are
240 children registered in this neighborhood as ‘at risk’. Many social problems threaten
families and especially children in this area including poverty, family violence and molestation,
HIV/Aids, drug and alcohol abuse, and an array of criminal elements. There is no church in
this neighborhood and our young church plant is also looking for a meeting place in this
We are hoping to accept 30 children in this first year of the center as Social Services assigns
them to us. The children will be given lunch of tea and sandwiches. Children’s workers will help
with homework and volunteers will help with English lessons, sport and games, and arts and
crafts, as well as teach Bible lessons. After needs assessments, we also want to bless these
children by responding to their physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs.

Apart from the after school center, we are planning other projects including:
-          Outreach to families - offer counseling and humanitarian aid
-          A club for pensioners and a fod program for the aged in the neighborhood
-          A youth club (including programs to prevent HIV/Aids)
-          A “Moms and Tots” group for young mothers.

God is truly the dream giver and this is a big dream to see this neighborhood transformed and
give these children hope for the future. Thus, we are appealing to you to prayerfully consider
partnering with us in making this community center an overwhelming success to the Glory of
our Lord.

What would such a partnership entail?

-          Please choose a project which you would like to support (After school center, Mom’s
and tots outreach to young mothers, Family outreach and counseling, outreach to the
aged, or youth club)
-          We would ask you to make this project and its needs known in your church, home group,
Sunday school class, or youth group.
-          That you will regularly pray for the project

-          That you will help support the project through creative fund raising and financial
(One time donation or monthly support - any amount will be a blessing)
-          That you even consider supporting us by organizing an outreach team to come and visit
-          We on our part will keep you informed by sending reports, photos, prayer requests, and
letting you know about the miracles the Lord works in Luzanovka.
As we are planning to open the center soon, we put together a ‘dream list’ of what we would
need to run the center. Please look through this list prayerfully and let us know if you would be
interested in supporting us by praying for and sponsoring towards one or more of these needs.

Yours in Christ,

Slavik, Aliona, Stefan and Hensie,
For Nasledie (Heritage) Foundation and OM ministry team Odessa

Our dream list: A page of needs for after school/community center in Luzanovka
•         A medical doctor or nurse who could visit the center once a week
•         A developmental specialist who could lead group lessons for young mothers
•         Two or three Children’s workers/ teachers who could help children with homework and
lead Bible lessons
•         Christian family counselor, social worker, or psychologist
•         English teacher (once or twice a week)
•         Arts and crafts teacher (once or twice a week)
•         A cook to make lunch and prepare food for special events
•         An accountant
•         A chain of prayer partners
•         Sponsorship for repairs to the inside of the building, including putting in new toilets
•         Sponsorship for paying monthly water, gas, and electricity bills ($125 per month)
•         Food parcel sponsorship for elderly ($25 per month per person)
•         Lunch sponsorship for after school center ($27 per day)
•         Sponsorships for permanent Children’s workers ($250 per person per month)
•         Sponsorship for permanent cook ($350 per month)
•         Sponsorships for monthly supplies listed below ($250 per month)
•         Humanitarian aid – clothes for all ages, shoes, underwear, and socks
•         Locks
•         A safe for personal items of personnel
•         A washing machine to wash humanitarian aid clothes donations
•         A gas stove,
•         An electric kettle
•         A fridge and a freezer
•         Paint
•         Curtains

•         Floorboards for one office
•         2 Toilets
•         2 sinks
•         6 medium sized garbage cans
•         6 Hand towels
•         6 Kitchen towels
•         Cutlery and crockery
•         Furniture (tables, desks, chairs, coach, and rugs/carpet)
•         3 Chess sets
•         A table tennis table, rackets, and balls
•         Russian or Ukrainian Children’s bibles
•         Children’s books (English, Russian, Ukrainian, and German)
•         Monthly supplies ($250 per month)
o   Stationary, art and crafts supplies
o   Toiletries (antibacterial liquid hand soap etc.)
o   Laundry detergent, fabric softener, dish washing liquid, stove/oven cleaner, window
cleaner, toilet cleaner, and etc.
o   Paper towels, toilet paper, and garbage bags

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