Monday, December 20, 2010

Needed: Used, Dark, Clothes! ASAP!

That's not exactly true, I don't need new clothes, I need used clothes (new ones will get stolen.) And, I don't exactly need my size, I need any size that might fit a 14 to 18 year old boy. And I'm picky, I only want dark colors because these clothes won't get washed very often. Oh, and I guess I should tell you, I don't need the clothes at all, but there are 50 somebodies who do.

They are in Odessa, all 50 of them locked away in a boys' prison. They have no heat, almost no clothes, not much food, no coats. Slavik has just recently purchased them soap. Finally, they got soap! They have nothing. They need soap, toothbrushes, deodorant, sweaters, shirts, coats, black socks, jeans, undershirts, etc

I know of enough extra clothes in my house to fill a couple of boxes. I'll be mailing them over. So, to church groups, Bible study groups, Awana groups, or you at home, how about it? Can we fill this need?

Let's do it!!!

Send package as a personal package to; (Do not at any time say this it is humanitarian. You'll have to say it is a gift of clothes to Alyona)

Alyona Monzhay
Puzanova Olena
Lesi Ukrainki 64 a
Odessa 65086

Want to make her smile? Throw in a note and a Snickers bar!


  1. I'd like to donate clothes - please email me at Thanks!

  2. Hi! I just found your blog through Julia Nalle. Anyway, we just adopted a little girl from Odessa and Alyona was our translator. We had the wonderful opportunity to get to know her and Slavik and they are such amazing people! I just sent a care package of socks and gloves for these boys to her (several friends contributed). I wish I had known about this blog sooner! I will definitely follow along and continue to help in any way I can.