Saturday, December 18, 2010

About Tents

Last year, I bought them one tent. That was about 1/9th of what they needed, and they did eventually get all of them. This brings me back to the Alyona-Slavik subject.

Tents. These things are huge! They sleep nine kids/adults. When Alyona and Slavik host camp for lost adults and kids, they don't have a facility to rent. They all stay in tents on a plot of land at the edge of town. They cook their food over an open fire---three times a day. I sat and watched a video of these camps and it was fascinating! Wow! Slavik plans a theme, the kids make costumes, they kids play-act Bible stories. It was ingenious!

But, as I was watching the video of their Bible-times city built of bamboo and straw, their activities, and their bazaar, all of a sudden something extraordinary happened. It was an act of God, BUT, it wasn't really the kind any of us look forward to. It was an Ukrainian hurricane!!! Everything was destroyed within a short time! Almost all of those tents that they had worked so hard to get were completely destroyed. Camp had to end early!

Discouraged, but not downtrodden, they start over! Now, they need nine new tents!

Who will hear the call? Who will help them, literally, by being a tent-giver? And, here's a question for someone knowledgable out there....tents are cheaper in America. How could we buy them in America and send them to Ukraine? Could we purchase them and have the company deliver them? Know any good companies that sells big, strong tents?

Oh, I almost forgot, we need the money for these tents too!

Is anybody willing?

By the way, if you want more info about this, or pictures of the tents they had, please write Alyona at: ,

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