Wednesday, June 9, 2010

How About Sending Me Money?

I can't say that I'm proud of myself. I'm downright ashamed at how long it's been since I've written here. Actually, I've been avoiding this blog, almost on purpose, it sometimes seems. I often think, "Hmmmm, I need to be writing on that blog and letting people know all of the needs." But, somehow, I let time get away from me. I get wrapped up in my own life and it's just so easy to forget about the lost people and the orphans that Alyona and Slavik minister to.

Also, I feel despair because my husband and I cannot meet all of the financial needs that we know about in Odessa and surrounding villages. I wish we could.

If we could, I wouldn't have to ask you. And, I so hate asking.

But, I'm asking now.

Please, Slavik does camp all summer for poor children, lost adults, and orphans. They live in a few tents, cook on an open fire, play sports, sing songs, and tell about Jesus. It's not like any camp in the United States.

That's not all.

Alyona and Slavik have lots of orphans they minister to. They have a new orphanage at a prison, and they have orphanages out in villages, and they have orphans there in Odessa.

So, I'm asking. If you are reading this blog, please email me at:

I will forward you some emails that Alyona has written about their ministry. I can also send you my mailing address.

Why do you need my mailing address? Because, you need to send me some money. Every penny you send me will go straight to the children's camps or to the orphans.

It will cost me something if you send me money. I am going to send the money, most probably, by Western Union. They add a very hefty fee to what I send. But, I (Alan and I) are volunteering to send the money on, we'll pay the fees.

So, what do you think? Write me?

By the way, looks like I'll be going back to Odessa late this summer. Wouldn't that be great if I could take a handful of cash for the orphans---or for next year's camps?

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