Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Camps are Over!

Alyona is now writing on my blog about the camps----funny thing is, she doesn't even know she's doing it! I'm on the other side of the world from her,sitting in the dark of my living room, writing about her, but now I want her words. So...I'm stealing them! I want to share with you what she said on August 22nd about the camps they ran. By the way, the adult camps have a very, very interesting bent to them. If you are a Christian---you can come to camp---BUT you must bring a non-Christian friend with you! Cool, huh?

Dear friends and supporters!

The time is flying! And we greatly appreciate your support and prayers for our camps. On behalf of all children and staff we would like to express our gratitude for being with us these three weeks. It hasn't been easy but the Lord was with us and was blessing us every day.
Please notice the photos of two camps.
The first term was for the children of age 9 -13. There were 60 children. 8 children were payed by sponsors. There were 80% of children from non-Christian homes, poor village families and orphans. We were amazed how well the children were responding to the good news. They had so much fun and would like to come again next year.
The second term was for the teenagers of age 14 - 16. There 55 children and 28 was payed by the sponsors. It was kind of a military camp which was very new and exciting event for the children. There were many good sport games and exercises along with the Bible strudies. Same as in the first camp the % of not Christian teenagers was much bigger. Praise the Lord that we had the opportunity to share with those young people the good ews and love of God. There were some really good descussions by the bonfire every evening.
Tomorrow is the day when they are leaving back home.
These three weeks of two camps were a big challenge for all of us. Also, as you probably know our baby Mark was on the way any day during this blessed time. But the Lord was with us and everyhting was in his perfect time and perfect way as always!
The camp was basicly built in two days. There had to be built the bathrooms, shower rooms, kitchen, dining room and even a refregirator....(underground). Once again we realize that with God all things are possible and especially when God's children have the same goal and work together.
We greatly appreciate your prayers and support!
Please, notice the attached photos. These camps wouldn't have been as susuccessful as they were if not for YOUR paryers and support!!!!!
Have a wonderful and blessed day,
Alyona and Slavik

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