Monday, October 19, 2009

The Outsiders

They live away from the city. They live in places where Americans don't go too often. They live outside the mainstream. They live in orphanages where the kids don't get adopted and the kids don't get the opportunities the Odessa kids have. They don't have.....period. And there's about 160 of them there that just "don't have."

Americans like Odessa. I know because I was there, and I know many other Americans that like Odessa, also. We, as Americans, like to take mission trips to Odessa. We LOVE the orphanages there, the architecture, the parks, the Black Sea, and the choices of great restaurants, the chicken wrap stands, and the hot dog stand. It's a hot mission spot. There's always something to see or do there.

But, what about the outsiders? What about the kids who live in the villages where no one goes? What about them?

Alyona and Slavik go to The Outsiders. But, they really need help helping. They need us. Here's what Alyona says:

">Marsha, would you please pary also and spread the word about the village orphanage in Ananyevo (Odessa region). We are going there this Sat. There are 160 orphans. They need almost EVERYTHING: shoes, jackets, stationary, drawing pads, sport equipment and etc. We are going to run the Kids Games project there for 4 weeks (Saturdays) and this Sat is the first one. We trully hope to raise some support so to bless them supplying at least some needs.

I'm not very good with asking for money. I'm not very good at getting donation buttons to work, I'm not very good at finding the right people to help. There's so much I"m not very good at doing.

But, I do know what it feels like to be an outsider. I wish I could go this Saturday with Alyona and Slavik...I wish I could

Tonight, I'm just praying and pleading for The Outsiders. Won't you, too?

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