Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Kids Games at the Orphanage

I'm going to share with you the letters I receive from Alyona about what they are doing in Odessa. Obviously, I'm not there...so, when she sends me updates, I'll post them. I'm determined for the whole world of Christians to feel the same passion for children, orphans, and the lost that Alyona and Slavik do!

Dear friends and supporters,
please join us in prayer for the new project in this school year "Kids Games". As you probably remember last time we did the Kids Games project for the children from public schools in Yuzhny. It had a great impact on the childre together with Christian lessons and sport competitions. This year we are doing this project in 5 orphanages that are outside of Odessa, in the region. They are in Nikolayevka, Zhovten, Karolino Bugaz, Troitskoye and Limanskoye villages. Those children have never had anything similar to it and we look forward to make their day! It will take us four weeks to run the project since we will be coming there on Saturdays when the children don't have classes. Praise the Lord all Directors of the orphanages agreed to this project and we begin it on October 10. There will be about 100 - 120 children in each orphanage to participate in Kids Games.
We look forward to see what changes for better will be made in the lives of those children. Kids Games allows us to spend more time with the children interacting in sports, conversation and Christian lessons.

We will welcome any financial and prayer support as it will help to make Kids Games possible in the orphanages!

God bless you all,

Slavik and Alyona


You may send your donation to the address bellow.
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